Dec 30, 2013

Music Monday (The Ingenue Playlist)

David Guetta ft Sia

Love this song and it's video, but I can't help thinking...What happened next?

Dec 27, 2013

Friday Humor

Courtesy of Evil Supply Co.


And the BEST THANK YOU cards EVAH!


Dec 25, 2013

Dec 23, 2013

Music Monday (The Ingenue Playlist)

Something More

Bonnie Dune

 I loved you from the start

Dec 22, 2013

The Ingenue (6) - The Problem with Mary

Chapter Title: The Problem with Mary
Rating: PG  (adult language).
Word Count:  ~4,056.
Characters: Maraina Stratten, Jeremy Rylon,Riley Stratten, Lucia Stratten, Richard Jackson, Robert Barker, Cate Willis, Sterling Mitchell.
Warnings: Unbetaed (probable grammatical errors).
Synopsis: Robert Barker gets unexpected news and makes some unanticipated gains in his cold war against Sterling Mitchell. Riley Stratten faces his first mandatory therapy sessions while Mari starts getting comfortable with her new writing partners.

“Are you really going there, you misogynistic prick?

Dec 20, 2013

Friday Humor

The fangirl anthem :)

I'm the Admiral of the Crack Fleet.

Dec 18, 2013

Hump Day Hottie

The Ingenue Edition
(this weekend promise ;)

Patricia Barros
(Which character? heh ;)

Dec 16, 2013

Dec 13, 2013

Dec 12, 2013

If only for a second....

Totally worth watching (and you might need a tissue or twelve :)

Dec 11, 2013

Dec 9, 2013

Music Monday (The Ingenue Playlist)

So I've decided to share some of the music that is playing in the background or that have inspired me while writing The Ingenue. Some will definitely correlate to specific characters and I'll add that in the notes section. Think of it as a 'preview' of sorts and possible spoilers :)

Gram Rabbit
Desperate Heart

Dec 6, 2013

Friday Humor...Benedict Cumberbatch


Dec 4, 2013

Hump Day Hottie

Tom Mison

Who knew Ichabod Crane could be
so hot? (The Depp version doesn't count)

Dec 2, 2013

Dec 1, 2013

The Ingenue (5) - Chance of a Lifetime

Chapter Title: Chance of a Lifetime
Rating: PG  (adult language).
Word Count:  ~4,039.
Characters:  Patrick Westfield, Maraina Stratten, Jeremy Rylon Lucia Stratten, Riley Stratten, Noel Cruz, Dave Farley, Robert Barker.
Warnings: Unbetaed (possible grammatical errors).
Synopsis: An opportunity of a lifetime lands squarely on Mari's lap, but she must overcome her own insecurities to take advantage of it. Riley Stratten returns home unexpectedly. This time to stay. And Robert Barker expands his net of spies in the attempt to thwart Sterling's coup.

“With my luck, it will be unhappily never after.”