Oct 4, 2013

Friday, Friday, My kingdom for a Friday...

Yippeee! Just some quick notes and some humor.

The Ingenue

I'm going to start posting the first installments of The Ingenue this weekend. Just a friendly FYI: it will be completely raw and unedited. I'm treating it as a freebie writing exercise project. Because it will eventually include explicit material, each installment will have a (typical) fan-fiction header with pertinent information including rating and any act that might be objectionable to some readers. I apologize ahead of time for the fact that you will to do a few clicks to get to the story and/or download (depending on the rating). I'm having fun with it and I hope you will too.

On the lighter side of things, DH and I have never been big on anniversaries. It's just not that important for us, which is why we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary after we'd been married for 12 years. In order to keep from missing these 'important' benchmarks, I put reminders in our phones and it never fails that the only reason we remember the anniversary is because our phones remind us. This is was no different:

This morning, (DS#2 is home sick today so this is about the only writing I'll get done, heh) my phone sounds off with the tone telling me that I have an 'event' today. My first thought was, "WTF is going on today? Yesterday was the doc's appt and next week is the dentist. I shouldn't have anything today."  So just as I was walking to get a phone, another tone sounds off that I have a text message, which turned out from DH. I checked that first and it was a "Happy Anniversary!". Then I checked my reminder and it clearly said "Anniversary".  This was the following text conversation with DH:

Me: Happy Anniversary. I love you. Do you know how long we've been married?
DH: Love you, too. Fat finger. Can't get wedding band off to check. 99?
Me: You only remembered because the phone alarm went off, didn't it? 97.
DH:  Yes. You sure?
Me: Me too. heh. 97 checked my band. :)

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