Sep 20, 2013

My Misspent Youth and The Ingenue

The ultimate 'super couple'
I cut my teeth in soap operas. I remember watching Dynasty, Dallas, (not as good, imho) Falcon Crest and Knot's Landing. I spent several summers captivated by daytime's super couples, Bo and Hope, Luke and Laura, Tristan and Holly, etc, etc. In my defense, I was WAY too young to be watching those shows and it's no surprise I was completely captivated. I was a bambi caught in the headlights of the evilly entertaining clutches of The Soap Opera.

So it's really no surprise that I love telling stories. Or that I'd want to write one. The thing with soaps is that many of the rules that are ingrained in good storytelling, don't necessarily apply. A MarySue/Gary Stu are basically the staple for a soap. Ridiculous tangents are encouraged. A straight line, no-nonsense plot is the red herring. A flow-chart would really help in order to keep a track of the cast of thousands. There is no 'end', just a series a pauses that allow fans to catch their breath.

Add those 'rules', my love for romantica and fan-fiction and I came up with The Ingenue. It's a soap opera following one young woman and her fairy-tale like rise in Hollywood. So what can you expect? Basically, a serial in a fan-fiction mode. That basically means I'll post a scene or a full chapter (anywhere from 1-5K word count) up on a weekly basis here on the blog. (Yes, here and free). Since this is my experiment, it really means I'm the evil scientist and you're my guinea pigs ;) All posts are being written with goals in mind (time, prompt, idea) and will be in their raw, unedited form. Eventually, I'll put it all together, edit it and package it in a book format, but for now it will be all for fun.

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