Aug 23, 2013

The Batfleck....

My twitstream ;) was ablaze with the news that Ben Affleck is going to be the next Batman. I have to say that it was predominantly negative. My reaction? Ambivalence.

Don't get me wrong. I LOOVE Batman (with Catwoman but that might be another post) and I thought Bale did a really good job after the disaster of previous Batman movies. In fact, I remembered my love for Batman with Bale. (Not really hard since Bale is rather hawt and my last Batman boyfriend was the cartoon version - Don't judge, he was drawn hot and Kevin Conroy gave him life.)

So what do I think of Batfleck? Meh. I like Affleck, but I like him more as a director now, unless he's working with Kevin Smith. Overall, I think he'll do the same job as Anne Hathaway did with Selina Kyle (which is to say, not horrible - really, don't ask me how I felt when she was cast, I was cranky for days, weeks even! Suffice to say she was  not my Selina Kyle).

But my biggest reaction? Wow, this is the first time I'm going to be rooting for Superman. Let's face it. Affleck vs Cavill? Game over, man!

So who do I think would have made a better match for Cavill? (Besides Bale) Here's a few options:


Anson Mount
Three words: Hell on Wheels (AMC TV show).
Hot when scruffy and or clean cut. It's all about charisma and he has ooodles. Tall, Dark and Broody? He owns it.

Richard Armitage

Thorin Oakenshield. Need I say more? This guy makes the sexiest dwarf on the big screen. Think what he could do with Bruce Wayne persona. He also rocked as the Sheriff of Nottingham on the BBC version of Robin Hood.

Karl Urban

Granted this was a long shot. He's got a new TV series this Fall and he's already in Star Trek. So he's busy. But he could totally stand up to Cavill without looking like he's a second banana. Funny and dark.

Eric Bana

Sexy and can go dark in a blink of an eye. Really, this man made facial tattoos work (Star Trek) and have a mentioned he rocks the dark and broody side?

So yeah, I don't hate Affleck, I just don't think he's right for The Batman. He can pull off Bruce Wayne, but The Batman? I see it this way, if Catwoman met up with any of these four guys as The Batman, she'd stop and go, 'Meowww'. But Affleck? She'd treat him like Nightwing, "Does your Daddy know you're out?"

But I guess it could have been worse, right?

Or it could have been Nicholas Cage. ;)

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