May 12, 2013

What's up, Doc?

Or What's Been Happening to the 'Royal' Us.

Right off the bat, what will be happening this week is the awesome 
blog hop.Be sure to check it out.
I've (the royal we got old quick, ;) been visited by lots of bunnies (story ideas). Two projects are in the immediate horizon. One is a soapy serial with a Hollywood setting called The Ingénue which should start posting at the end of this month as a free read.

 The other is epic erotic fantasy tale about courtesan spies. Think James Bond in a Game of Thrones universe with some steampunk thrown in for good measure. The tentative tile for the series is Courtesans of Thiaria. That's set for this summer but there will be cover reveals and teasers soon.

Also, I've been asked about Water of Life. There is a sequel in the works, but it's not likely to see daylight until December at the earliest. As for other projects, I'm also in the middle of an 80K refresh of a series about Lilith, Adam's not quite wife, which involves witches, angels, vampires and monsters.

 Phew! Ambitious expectations for the rest of year! We'll see how many mac & cheese my kids will actually eat this year ;)

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