Apr 7, 2013

What I did during Spring Break....

Spring Break is both a joy  (I get to sleep in for a change) and a terror (I have to keep an 11-year old boy entertained for a week). Fortunately, I've trained my kid to entertain himself and to love the movies that I love. (Not like he had much of  choice anyway.)

So this past week, we watched, Olympus Has Fallen which was pretty dog gone exciting. Lots of
explosions (my requirement for movies) which my son totally enjoys as well and lots of eye candy (for me anyway). I mean really, how can a movie with Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Rick Yune, Cole Hauser and Dylan McDermott not be fun? It was. There's lots of rather realistic violence which was appropriate for the the type of movie, but it wasn't gratuitous like a horror movie.  There is also a torture scene that is completely not pc and rather funny. Other than that, language was an issue, but it was nothing an 11-year old hadn't heard in the school yard before. I had a blast and so did my son. Can't wait for the DVD.

We also saw GI Joe: Retaliation.
I have mixed feelings on this one. Now I admit that we loved the first movie. Not because it was good, but it definitely was entertaining. So I was expecting more of the same. Well, if I'd known it was a Rock, movie, I would have been fine. But I was expecting a Channing Tatum/The Rock movie and that's not what I got. There was lots of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow which was good, but really, Channing Tatum's role is more like cameo. So major bummage. Out of the new cast, the only ones that were remotely fun were Bruce Willis, The Rock, and Ray Stevenson. I might catch this one again when it's on HBO or something.

Oh, I actually managed to work too. In case you were wondering ;) I'm hoping to be posting some freebies by the end of the month. Hopefully :P

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