Nov 4, 2012


So, it's November and that means NaNo. I love NaNo which is why I've done it for several years now and to the pressure of birthdays and holidays and my posts will definitely become sparse. Before I go, however, I'll share a bit of what I've been doing and what I'm a planning. :)

Red's Wolf is now available. (Loooove the cover.) It's just a short story, around 22K.

Not sure if I'll be releasing anything else this year, but who knows. For NaNo, I'll be reworking my Lilith universe after I do some 'writing exercises' that a my friend, C.C. Denham has forced upon me. I'm totally doing these exercises against my will.  All that noise from the kicking and screaming? Yeah, it's me. :) I have made some posts with wonderful music, but other than that, unless I win the lotto ;) I'm not sure when I'll get back to a regular post schedule, so just in case...Happy Holidays!

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