Nov 26, 2012

Music Monday and News

Pink has always been one of my fav female singers
but I have to say I was totally impressed by how
awesome she is in this song.


I must apologize for being so behind. In fact, with the craziness
of the holidays and NaNo and a new release, I feel like I'm still
planning for Halloween. That's how far behind I am. So, of course,
I totally missed the run of the Men and Women of the Military Hop
Giveaway. Just blew right by me, but better late than never. Right? ;)

Congrats to the winner, Beckey 
who gets Water of Life, Cold Hard Magic and Eve Langlais' Alien Mate.
And because I was so late, I figured the least I could do was
pick a second winner, Catherine, who gets a copy of Water of Life.
Again, my apologies for being soooo unfashionably late.

Nov 12, 2012

Music Monday

If you haven't checked out Vaginal Fantasy Hangout
what are you waiting for? :)

Nov 9, 2012

Men & Women of the Military Giveaway Hop

 Men & Women of the Military
 Giveaway Hop

Hosted by The Jeep Diva

Military hotness abound! I must confess that military heroes have always been a favorite for me. Courage, dedication, commitment and downright hotness (especially when they are less than perfect) always hit my right buttons. It was no surprise that my first hero was Master Chief Jackson Monroe, a career Navy man who's about to break all the rules for a much younger doctor if they can survive getting a helicopter crash, an alien invasion, and a sinister attempt of world domination.

Giveaway*: One winner gets an e-copy of Water of Life, e-copy of my short story Cold Hard Magic, & e-copy of Alien Mate by the awesome Eve Langlais (this item will be gifted via ARe and requires an account, subject to availability).
*Open international. If there's enough international comments, I'll give a second copy of Water of Life to an international entrant, so let me know if you're (INT).

To enter** just answer the following question in the comments (be sure to let me know what file format you prefer):
**Get an extra entries if you add Red's Wolf to your TBR list on Goodreads and if you follow me on twitter 

Who is your favorite military hero?

My answer? Hands down, Frederick Wentworth (Persuasion)
Though I have to confess that CiarĂ¡n Hinds probably
has a lot to do with the fact.  My dream recast?
Richard Armitage :)

Be sure to check out the other blogs for more awesome giveaways!

Nov 5, 2012

Music Monday

I wish this song was longer, it's that good.
BTW, have you noticed that several TV shows have
finally caught on to the fact that there is great, great
music available to highlight their shows? This one
comes from Degrassi. 

Nov 4, 2012


So, it's November and that means NaNo. I love NaNo which is why I've done it for several years now and to the pressure of birthdays and holidays and my posts will definitely become sparse. Before I go, however, I'll share a bit of what I've been doing and what I'm a planning. :)

Red's Wolf is now available. (Loooove the cover.) It's just a short story, around 22K.

Not sure if I'll be releasing anything else this year, but who knows. For NaNo, I'll be reworking my Lilith universe after I do some 'writing exercises' that a my friend, C.C. Denham has forced upon me. I'm totally doing these exercises against my will.  All that noise from the kicking and screaming? Yeah, it's me. :) I have made some posts with wonderful music, but other than that, unless I win the lotto ;) I'm not sure when I'll get back to a regular post schedule, so just in case...Happy Holidays!