Aug 24, 2012

Fictional Fridays...

With a huge nod to the awesome ladies at Vaginal Fantasy (if you don't know them, go check them out), I thought I'd start a series of Fictional Fridays. First up,

The Fictional Five (movie/TV version)
Fictional characters that would definitely make my 'to-do' list :)

Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Thor, Avengers
Why? Tom Hiddleston, duh! :) Actually, I couldn't help but feel bad for Loki. Yes, he's petty and vindictive (with HUGE daddy issues) but in the end he just wanted to be validated. He's the boy in the school yard that just doesn't know how to show affection so he pulls the girl's pigtails.
HFN/HEA: Happy For Now. Loki is the bad boy you think fondly off for the good time you had together, but he's not the forever and ever type. He's the shag, not marry type. Marriage would never be an option anyway. :)

Magneto (Michael Fassbender), X-Men: First Class
Why? Magneto has to be one of the most sympathetic villains ever written. You understand why he hates as deeply as he does. The fact that his pessimistic view of humanity is often proven right actually make him even more sympathetic. It's not hard to see a world where instead of the villain, he will be the freedom fighter. (And let's face it, would that be an awesomely dark universe?)
HFN/HEA: Happy For Now. There's no happy ending for Erik. Even if he gets what he wants (basically a world without humans), Erik is at his heart an elitist. He believes in a hierarchy where he's at the top. Ultimately, he's a shag, don't marry. Erik is the type to get married, but he's also the alpha-hole that would make marriage stifling "For your own good."

Snake Eyes (Ray Park), GI Joe
Why? Ok. This is a tough one since Snake doesn't (can't in some versions) talk. But I've had a crush on him since the ridiculous animated series, "And knowing is half the battle" era. There is just something about the tortured, silent hero that struck me even before I could name that 'thing' about him. There are different version of Snake: he's a scarred up former soldier to a perfectly normal warrior who has taken a vow of silence. Regardless, even if his mask is never off as an adult, he's always been a kickass ninja type. I've always been fond of swords and it doesn't hurt that in the live action (guilty pleasure) film, Snake is played by Ray Park who also played Darth Maul.
HFN/HEA: Tough one, but I say Happily Ever After. He's the type of warrior where, if he survives, would become an awesome instructor and that's likely when he could settle down. Whether the mask ever comes off, well that's a whole nother story.

John Crichton (Ben Bowder), Farscape
Why? John is your standard fish out of water: an astronaut who gets caught up in a wormhole and sent to the opposite side of universe where it's an alien smorgasbord. The thing about John is that he is smart, funny, sexy, sweet, brave...yes, I'm a fangirl. John hits all the right buttons for me. He doesn't quite fit the tortured hero box I favor but he's awesome all the same. It also helps that he's played by the sexy Ben Bowder.

HFN/HEA: Easy HEA. He proves over and over again that he's not commitment phobe and he's very dedicated to family. So I definitely think he's the wild shag and marry type.

Ronon Dex (Jason Momoa), Stargate Atlantis
Why? Well, just look at the other guys on the list. :) Actually, Ronon is pretty awesome. He's a tortured hero, loses his wife and planet to the Wraith but doesn't give up. Eventually, he hooks up with the SGC team and goes on to do all kinds of kickassery. He's the tortured warrior with the heart of gold. In fact, I stopped watching the show when a certain doctor dumped him for another scientist. Really, look at him (<===). Would you dump an awesome guy who looks like that and is totally into you, without a damn good reason? I'll answer that for you: No, no you wouldn't. That's when I decided that a scifi show about wormholes and aliens and space vampires just stretched my credulity too far and I stopped watching it. Hey, it made sense to me. :)

HFN/HEA: HEA without a doubt. He's definitely the wild shagging followed by marrying type.

Who's your Fictional Five?


  1. Magneto - check

    Crichton and Dex - UNF. Yes, please!

    I have to add RDJ's Iron Man/Tony Stark, but only if I could dominate him. And only HFN.

  2. Ya know, the hardest thing was narrowing it down to 5 ;)