May 31, 2012

Reviews, Reactions and General WTFery.

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Because kittens do make everything better...

First, the housekeeping. It's come to my attention that I might have to make something more transparent.

If I recommend/tweet/like a book, that means I've actually read it and...*looks around*...liked it. Yeah, I know, shocker.

Writers now are inundated with the need to market themselves, their books, make connections, blah blah blah. I get that. But if I mention a book here or on twitter, then I want to make it crystal clear that, not only I've read it and liked it, but that I'm not doing it because I want to be or am buddies with the author. That I want to get 'in' with the editor/publisher/agent. That I want them to follow me on back on twitter or anything.

I was a reader first and you know what? I'm still a reader who enjoys talking about books I liked.

Which brings me to this...over at Dear Author's Thursday Midday Links, there is a blurb about yet another author behaving badly. This time, The Cuddlebuggery Book Blog talks about a vanity author that decided to 'out' a reviewer by posting personal information about them. Now, nothing is ever really 'private' on the 'Net. But to post information this personal about one reviewer just because they didn't like one book is beyond ridiculous and downright scary.

This of course starts that thorny discussion about how and if authors should even respond to bad reviews. No author likes a bad review. Bad reviews equal butthurt. That's all there is to it. Butt hurt. We do get over it and if the review is clever with scathing remarks, we can eventually appreciate it. Eventually. :)

To respond aggressively is so... well, last January. Really. Just get over it and move on. So with that in mind, I found two blog posts that are absolutely awesome on how authors should respond to bad reviews. (Both links came to me via Jeannie Lin (@JeannieLin) so I didn't actually find them but, eh, you know what I mean.)

(As a sidenote: anyone who doesn't like bacon is suspect and anyone who doesn't like chocolate is just not from this planet.)

(Personally, I think she forgot about wine, but Shiloh Walker pointed that out right away ;) So, wine, chocolate and hot, sweaty, angry sex with Russell Crowe's Gladiator character [or insert your own favorite like Christian Bale's Batman, or...yeah, I'm back now] that works for me.)

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