Apr 2, 2012

Book Music Monday: Judd Lauren

This Week: the Awesomeness of Nalini Singh
Judd Lauren

First, I have to say that the UK covers are sooooo much better than the US covers. Really, what is up with that Berkley? And it's not like this cover is so old, it's from 2007, but it looks like it belongs in 1997. If my friend hand't bought the first 5 books in this series, I would've missed out on a terrific series because of dinky, dated covers.

Ok, cover rant over. Now for Judd. Oh my! He's soooo full of awesome that it's rather difficult to find words. A Psy Arrow (think Navy SEAL, CIA, baddass, assassin all rolled into one) should be cold as ice and Judd was one of the best. He should have been a monster, but (hello! romance novel) he is deeply devoted to his family and it turns out, madly, deeply in love with Brenna Kincaid (even though he fights it but hey, what awesome tortured hero doesn't fight true love?).

I'm picking Evan's Blue - Cold (But I'm Still Here) for Judd for more than just the lyrics, but also because I think the lead singer just bellows out pain like no other.

Sample lyrics:
You're so endearing, you're so beautiful,
Well I don't look like they do, and I don't love like they do
But I don't hate like they do

Cold, you broke me from the very first night
I'd love you 'til the day that I die
We're far too comfortable this time
Cold, I loved you from the very first night
You broke me 'til the day that I die
I'm far too obvious this time


  1. Wow! I am blown away! This selection rocks! I downloaded this album a couple of weeks ago and haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, but I will be after this!

    1. I have to confess that I got so into the song and writing the post that I'm now totally rereading CbI. LOL. Glad you liked it.