Apr 9, 2012

Book Music Monday: Jessica Ann Ward

This Week: the Awesomeness of Shelly Laurenston
Jessie Ann Ward

Now, it's no secret, I love all things Laurenston (see previous Mondays) and it turns out I totally adore Felicia Day so what could be better than both, together.

Jessie Ann Ward grew up a lone wild dog shapeshifter in a town full of wolves. Add to it that she was a bit of a geek and, well, let's just say her life wasn't easy. Especially getting  picked on by all the much bigger and definitely meaner She-wolves of the Smithtown. But all that strife growing up doesn't stop Jessie from becoming Alpha of her own wild dog pack and the CEO of a kickass tech company. The fact she can totally snub the hot wolf she had a crush on is just icing on her cake.

Which makes I'm the One That's Cool (the Guild - if you haven't watched it yet... What are you waiting for?!) so perfect.

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