Mar 15, 2012

Romance, Arousal, and Condescension

Sarah @ SmartBitchesTrashyBooks has written a terrific editorial on the shaming of women's reading choices, mainly romances and 'oh noes' erotica. It's long but worth reading.

Romance is not porn for women.

Porn is porn for women.
Women have active sex lives and sexual desires.

All of these things are ok.

There is also a link to a Times article by Erika Christakis, 50 Shades of Grey: Why Is It News That Women Like Sex?

Annointed “mommy porn” in some circles, its popularity—and the fact that adult women have sexual fantasies—seems be taking people by surprise. Is anyone else getting bored with this theme?

On the flip side there is an irksome WSJ and their scary commenters.
"Why yes, I did take my Midol, but it doesn't work like alcohol. The amount I take does not make you look better (or smarter)."

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