Mar 22, 2012

For Sarah @SB cuz you asked....

I would have posted this earlier, but my darling 4yo demonspawn (and future dictator of the known and unknown universes) was busy trying to cook up his own version of Captain Trips or the plague to bring forth the Zombie Apocalypse and infected the whole household with his icky toddler snot.

So, this is inspired by Sarah over @SBTB who tweeted that *For the love of the almighty [insert deity of choice] * (my wording not hers - artistic license and writers like to kick it up a notch [wait, is that copyrighted? Ummm, no copyright/trademark infrigement intended here, these aren't the droids you're looking for...Doh!]).

Anyway, the lovely and brilliant Sarah, requested that Scriptina (font) be forever banned from book covers.

Me, being the kind, thoughtful, generous writer that I am decided to not only present her with a cover (using Scriptina & Comic Sans) but also a title 'to die for!'. I'll tease you with the blurb....

Got a rose, eat the apple. One bachelor to rule them all.

Warning: look under the cut at your own risk, the blog owner is not responsible for any damage to computer screens (and you shouldn't be eating/drinking while on the computer anyway).

Presenting... (duhduhdummmmmm)

 50 Shades of Twilight Bachelor Games

So this is the cover before the seven figure book/movie deal.
And since I have awesome! batshit crazy, artistic friends....

This is the 'revamped' cover after the big money rolls in. 

 Once I get that seven figure deal, I'm sooo taking Sarah out to lunch to the Mickey D's of her choice! Any minute now. Yup. Waiting for that phone call. Dial tone. Check. Yup. Any minute now.

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