Mar 26, 2012

Book Music Monday: Blayne Thorpe

This Week: the Awesomeness of Shelly Laurenston
Blayne Thorpe and Bo Novikov

I confess. I'm a huge rabid fangirl when it comes to Shelly Laurenston. Her earthy, oftentimes, raunchy humor hits my buttons every time. To be honest, I had been a bit wary of this couple, after all Blayne is a spaztastic wolf-wild dog hybrid which makes for all kinds of crazyness. Which is why I actually picked Lenka's Trouble is a Friend. While the song is a girl singing about trouble being a 'he', I really think it works both ways. Especially when it comes to this couple, Blayne is all kinds of trouble for Bo, but she's the trouble he chooses. I definitely recommend Shelly Laurenston if you need a good laugh.

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