Mar 26, 2012

Book Music Monday: Blayne Thorpe

This Week: the Awesomeness of Shelly Laurenston
Blayne Thorpe and Bo Novikov

VF Hangout

A friend of mine introduced me to the Vanginal Fantasy Hangout by Felicia Day, Veronica Belmont, Kiala Kazabee and Bonnie Burton. In the simplist terms, it's a book club. But in reality it's awesome conversations about books, gamers, geeks and all-around awesomesauce. Today, they will be talking about Nalini Singh's Slave to Sensation. Go check them out.

Mar 22, 2012

For Sarah @SB cuz you asked....

I would have posted this earlier, but my darling 4yo demonspawn (and future dictator of the known and unknown universes) was busy trying to cook up his own version of Captain Trips or the plague to bring forth the Zombie Apocalypse and infected the whole household with his icky toddler snot.

So, this is inspired by Sarah over @SBTB who tweeted that *For the love of the almighty [insert deity of choice] * (my wording not hers - artistic license and writers like to kick it up a notch [wait, is that copyrighted? Ummm, no copyright/trademark infrigement intended here, these aren't the droids you're looking for...Doh!]).

Anyway, the lovely and brilliant Sarah, requested that Scriptina (font) be forever banned from book covers.

Me, being the kind, thoughtful, generous writer that I am decided to not only present her with a cover (using Scriptina & Comic Sans) but also a title 'to die for!'. I'll tease you with the blurb....

Got a rose, eat the apple. One bachelor to rule them all.

Warning: look under the cut at your own risk, the blog owner is not responsible for any damage to computer screens (and you shouldn't be eating/drinking while on the computer anyway).

Mar 19, 2012

Book Music Monday: Curran and Kate

Welcome to Book Music Monday! Hosted by Delighted Reader.

This week: Awesomesauce Ilona Andrews'
Kate Daniels series - Curran and Kate.

Nickelback: I'd Come for You

Mar 17, 2012

Water of Life Giveaway @ Wickedly Bookish


The totally awesome Jess at Wickedly Bookish is participating in the Small Press Treasures Blog Hop Giveaway and three copies of Water of Life is up for grabs! Be sure to check out Wickedly Bookish and the other participating blogs for all of the totally awesome giveaways!

Mar 16, 2012

Thoughtful and Interesting

The lovely ladies over at Dear Author are doing a series of posts regarding fanfiction and the tempest that is currently brewing in regards to 'filing off numbers' of fanfics and publishing.

It's been a very great set of posts and (surpringly wank-free) comments. I think that's going to change today. But that's just my prediction. Go check it out.

Mar 15, 2012

Romance, Arousal, and Condescension

Sarah @ SmartBitchesTrashyBooks has written a terrific editorial on the shaming of women's reading choices, mainly romances and 'oh noes' erotica. It's long but worth reading.

Romance is not porn for women.

Porn is porn for women.
Women have active sex lives and sexual desires.

All of these things are ok.


Voting for DABWAHA has begun.
Go vote.
These aren't the droids you're looking for.
You will vote for Ilona Andrews and Meljean Brook.
Pretty please? With sugar on top? ;)
(My bracket can't be shot so early LOL)

Mar 14, 2012

Feelin' Lucky Blog Hop & Giveaway Winners!

Fictional Candy


What a great blog hop! A big thank you to everyone who entered!

Originally I was going to give out one copy of Water of Life but my best gal pal (the one who chose the winners) went hog wild and picked several winners!

Vanessa theJeepDiva,  Filia Oktarina, BookAttict

Emails have been sent out.

Mar 13, 2012

50 Shades of Grey vs Masters of the Universe (fanfic version)

Jane over at Dear Author did a post comparing 50 Shades vs Masters of the Universe (the fanfic which spawned it). It's a great post, especially when you take into consideration what the publisher has said about it.

“It is widely known that E.L James began to capture a following as a writer shortly after she posted her second fan fiction story,” Vintage said in a statement. “She subsequently took that story and re-wrote the work, with new characters and situations. That was the beginning of the ‘Fifty Shades’ trilogy. The great majority of readers, including fan fiction aficionados, have found ‘Fifty Shades’ deeply immersive and incredibly satisfying.” - from the Washington Post article
At the time of this post, there's a lively (and currently wank-free discussion) about the comparison, the ethics of 'filing off the numbers' of a fanfic story and repacking it for profit, as well as the 'transparency' of publishers. Go check it out.

Mar 12, 2012

Book Music Monday: Hawke and Sienna

Welcome to Book Music Monday! Hosted by Delighted Reader.

This week: Kiss of Snow, Nalini Singh
Hawke and Sienna

Mar 9, 2012

Neil Gaiman Rocks!

Now, I have to admit to being a total fangirl, but this post about writer's block is totally cool and absolutely true for writers.
In our heads, stories are perfect, flawless, glittering, magical. Then we start to put them down on paper, one unsatisfactory word at a time. And each time our inner critics tell us that it’s a rotten idea and we should abandon it.

If you’re going to write, ignore your inner critic, while you’re writing. Do whatever you can to finish. Know that anything can be fixed later.

Mar 7, 2012

Feelin' Lucky Blog Hop & Giveaway

Fictional Candy

Feelin' Lucky Blog Hop

Hosted by
Blog hop runs from 12:00am on March 7, 2012 through
March 13, 2012 11:59 PM.  

Giveaway*: An e-copy of Water of Life.
*Open international. If there's enough international comments, I'll give a second copy to an international entrant, so let me know if you're (INT).

To enter** just answer the following question
**Get an extra entry if you add Water of Life to your TBR list on Goodreads.

"Who is one of your favorite romance book heroes?"
My answer? Fearghus, Dragon Actually by G.A. Aiken.
A cranky dragon who can shift human and is the
perfect mate for the 'mad cow' heroine,
 Annwyl the Bloody.

PS. Don't forget to include your preferred file type (epub, mobi,  pdf, etc.) and be sure to hop to the other terrific blogs for more great giveaways.

Mar 5, 2012

Book Music Monday: Game of Thrones

Welcome to Book Music Monday! Hosted by Delighted Reader.

This week: Game of Thrones
Ok, ok, I'm totally cheating but for a good reason.
This trailer: Blew.Me. Away.
The use of Seven Devils by Florence + The Machine
was so mindblowing that I went out and bought the album
(which is awesome!).

Mar 2, 2012

Dear Mr. Fillion....


Sincerely, RabidFangirl

Thanks to SBTB for providing a Captain Tightpants fix!

Mar 1, 2012

The Romance Reviews Anniversary Party

Check out TRR's Anniverary Party going
on all March long. Lots of games, prizes and fun!