Feb 8, 2012

Water for Life - Book Trailer

Wondering which branch of service Gracen belongs to?
The answer is in the video and in the excerpt behind the cut.
Good luck!

Excerpt: from Chapter 1...

Jackson’s pace slowed when he saw a blue lump on his bumper. He picked up the still frozen ice pack. Gracen. Guilt rode through him hard as he glanced up to see her on the second level parking waxing her board. Nothing he could do right now, but he’d figure out a way to apologize somehow. Coffee. He’d buy her coffee and apologize. Satisfied with the plan, he pulled open the truck’s tailgate and hopped on, before gingerly placing the ice on his pounding knee.
“Jesus, you are getting old,” Brian said, handing him a cold drink.
“Pot. Kettle. Black.”
Brian laughed. “I’m vintage.” He puffed out his chest and tapped it twice before pointing to Jackson.  “You, my friend, are an antique. No shame in being elderly, though.” He saluted with the bottle before taking long drink. The broad smile on his face slowly faded. “This is my last tour with the Raiders.”
Jack sent him a piercing look. Hunter was a career man, like himself. And that career was Special Warfare or nothing. “They pushing you out?”
“No,” Brian shook his head, “but the new guys are getting younger every day and I’m starting to feel old.” He shrugged. “Not as old as you, of course.” He laughed at Jackson’s scowl. “Speaking of which,” he nodded towards the upper level, “are officers getting younger?” A low, appreciative whistle cut through the air. “Damn. Should be against regulations for a captain to be that fuckable. Isn’t the Army supposed to be full of rejects?”
Show some fucking respect, was on Jackson’s lips but he managed to bite it back and followed Hunter’s gaze up to the second parking level. His eyes drank in the sight of Gracen peeling off the wetsuit to reveal a deep red tankini that had become his favorite. He tore his gaze away. “Doctor Ellison? Never thought of her that way.” He hid his blatant lie behind the bottle of water, taking a long drink and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.
He couldn’t believe how close he’d come to snapping at Hunter. Letting it out that he had a thing for the pretty, young officer – hell, it  was bordering on obsession, if he was honest with himself  –   was all he needed to top off this FUBAR day that had only just began. Looking at the crashing waves, he purposely ignored Brian’s incredulous look.
“Dear Mrs. Monroe,” Brian intoned dramatically, “the Naval Division of the American Federation regrets to inform you that your son, Master Chief Petty Officer Jackson Monroe is not just old, but actually a living corpse….”

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  1. Can't wait to read this one! Nice trailer and excerpt!