Feb 27, 2012

Book Music Monday: Ric Van Holtz

Welcome to Book Music Monday! Hosted by Delighted Reader.

This week:

Ric Van Holtz from Big Bad Beast & Holdin' On by Citizen Cope.

I looove Shelly Laurenston (in a total non-Annie Wilkes stalkerish way). So, it's no surprise that I adored Ric Van Holtz. He is an Alpha wolf so comfortable with his masculinity that he's metro, urbane, a terrific chef and totally okay that his chosen mate is a bad-ass female that can kill people with her bare hands. It's his love for Dee and his absolute faith that they are perfect for each other that is absolutely swoon-worthy.

That's why Holdin' On is perfect for him. Mellow, sexy, and sexy! Here's some of the lyrics...

I have been wanting you for so long,  

I'm feeling alright, 'cause nothing feels like, when you're holding on,

I wanna treat you like you wanna be treated yeah,

Yeah, that's Ric

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